Dutch singer songwriter Bowe

Singer songwriter and guitarist Bowe is always writing, editing or finetuning pop songs. On his telephone you'll always find hundreds of ideas he's currently working on. So far his unstoppable urge to write music has lead to two studio albums and nine single releases. His most well known songs are Relax Relax Relax, which is used in a Dutch TV and Radio commercial, and Tired of giving good things up that also did well on Dutch radio on 3FM.

Bowe has released his first tracks in Dutch, called 'Rum Cola' and 'Jong en Knap' in 2018. In 2019 he collaborated with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra on a track called 'Laat me Leven'. In June 2019 another English single was released that's called Ghosttown. In 2020 Bowe returned to Dutch with a new single that's called Voel!

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If you need Bowe in a songwriting camp, for writing a DJ topline, a live gig (acoustic or with a live band), a radio or TV performange, anything, please write to management@bowemusic.nl, or call 0031 6 21 61 78 52.